Xinjiang (Western China)

Travel guides for visiting the Silk Road towns of Xinjiang, and a mega 14-day itinerary that covers much of the major tourist sights.

tashkorgan stone fortress

Driving Down The Karakoram Highway (KKH) – A Travelogue Of Kashgar, Karakul Lake And The Tajik Town of Tashkurgan

The Karakoram Highway connects Western China to Pakistan. Along the way, it passes through the ancient Silk Road towns of ...
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Xinjiang cuisine Uighur cuisine

A Guide To Popular Uighur Cuisine In Xinjiang

Uighur cuisine is hearty and flavoured with loads of spices, influenced by ingredients and cooking techniques carried along the Silk ...
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Dunhuang MingSha Sand Dunes Camel Train

A 14-Day Itinerary For Backpacking Through Xinjiang In Western China

Xinjiang is the westernmost province in China, bordering the stans that made up much of central Asia. More significantly, a ...
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Jiaohe Ancient City ruins

A Full Day Itinerary For Exploring Turpan, The Flaming Mountains And The Grape Valley

Turpan is an important stop along the Silk Road, with a history dating back to two thousand years ago. After ...
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