With historical records dating back to the 5th century, Tibet was a mighty kingdom for much of its existence. This state was once the abode of the spiritual leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Potala Palace still stands as a testament to the grandeur of the throne.

Oh, and did I mention that there are epic treks here too?

Trekking in Ganden to Samye

Retracing The Footsteps of The Ancient Buddhist Pilgrims: A 4-Day Himalayan Trek From Ganden To Samye On The Tibetan Plateau

To many western travellers, Lhasa conjures misty visions of lost Himalayan kingdoms, hidden Buddhist hermitages and breathtaking mountain vistas. While ...
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Valley in Bolivia

Once plundered by the Spanish for its rich resources, modern Bolivia is an exciting destination for travellers. Explore the salt flats of Uyuni, take on the Death Road, or enter the working mines of Potosi – you’ll find surprises in every place you visit!

A 3-Day Itinerary To The Salt Flats of Uyuni & Beyond

Tucked in the southwestern corner of Bolivia lies the vast salt plains of Uyuni and the high altitude Siloli Desert ...
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Donkeys walking across a bridge near Phakding

Sandwiched between India and China, Nepal lies right in the path of the mighty Himalayas. A favourite destination for extreme mountaineers and Buddhist pilgrims, this country has something for anyone looking for a spot of peace or an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Trekking in the Himalayas

A 12-Day Adventure Trek Itinerary To The Everest Base Camp

Climbing up the world’s highest peak is certainly a crowning achievement (forgive the pun, please) for most individuals. With sheer ...
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Travel down Calle Crisologo on a horse carriage

Home to tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, towering mountains and amazing dive spots, the Philippines is one of the most picturesque destinations in Asia.

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol

From pristine beaches to rugged mountains: An intense 4-day itinerary to Cebu & Bohol

To many travellers, Cebu conjures up impressions of a dream tropical vacation, with idyllic white sandy beaches, steamy jungles and ...
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Climbing to the top of Osmena Peak

Spending a night under the stars: A guide to trekking up and camping at Osmeña Peak

At 1,013 metres, Osmeña Peak is one of Cebu’s highest peaks and is a popular trekking and camping spot for ...
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Diving with gentle giants: A guide to whale watching in Oslob

Oslob is (in)famous for the whale shark experience, which can get environmentalists really riled up in a hurry. The local ...
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The rice terraces of Batad is a UNESCO World Heritage site

A Backpacker’s Guide To Exploring The Rice Terraces Of Batad & Banaue, Luzon

Located in the mountainous region of central Luzon, the ancient rice terraces of Banaue and Batad is just 10 hours ...
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A Backpacker’s Itinerary For 10 Days In Luzon, Philippines

Quick Links Day 1: Touchdown in Manila Day 2-3: From Laoag To Vigan Day 4 and 5: Make your way ...
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Flaming rope skipping in full moon party

From high-energy beach parties to serene temples, Thailand has it all. Find out how to backpack around this Southeast Asian country in 2 weeks.

The only ride for the next 2 days

An overnight rafting adventure from Pai to Mae Hong Son

The valve gurgles every few minutes, as freshwater drains out from within the battered inflatable raft. “It’s fine, only out ...
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Doi Angkhang mountain road

A Guide To Camping Overnight in Doi Angkhang, Thailand

Just 3 hours away from Chiang Mai by car, Doi Angkhang is a mountain retreat popular with local tourists seeking ...
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A golden Buddha statue sits near the Golden Triangle waterfront park

A 2-Week Itinerary Across Thailand From South To North

Thailand is, in equal parts, a mix of outdoor adventure travel, exotic cultural experiences, relaxing beach retreats and modern megacities ...
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Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

The comprehensive guide to enjoying the Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan, Thailand

It happens only almost once every month, as thousands of young and energetic partygoers throng the beach at Haad Rin ...
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Xinjiang (Western China)

Kashgar Old Town

Travel guides for visiting the Silk Road towns of Xinjiang, and a mega 14-day itinerary that covers much of the major tourist sights.

tashkorgan stone fortress

Driving Down The Karakoram Highway (KKH) – A Travelogue Of Kashgar, Karakul Lake And The Tajik Town of Tashkurgan

The Karakoram Highway connects Western China to Pakistan. Along the way, it passes through the ancient Silk Road towns of ...
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Xinjiang cuisine Uighur cuisine

A Guide To Popular Uighur Cuisine In Xinjiang

Uighur cuisine is hearty and flavoured with loads of spices, influenced by ingredients and cooking techniques carried along the Silk ...
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Dunhuang MingSha Sand Dunes Camel Train

A 14-Day Itinerary For Backpacking Through Xinjiang In Western China

Xinjiang is the westernmost province in China, bordering the stans that made up much of central Asia. More significantly, a ...
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Jiaohe Ancient City ruins

A Full Day Itinerary For Exploring Turpan, The Flaming Mountains And The Grape Valley

Turpan is an important stop along the Silk Road, with a history dating back to two thousand years ago. After ...
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Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake Landscape

Travel stories of backpacking across Myanmar, including an 8-day itinerary and detailed guides on the major sights.

2-day trek from Hsipaw to Palaung hill tribes of Myanmar

The 2-day trek from Hsipaw to the remote Palaung hill tribes of Myanmar

Off-limits to foreigners until very recently, Hsipaw is now an increasingly popular destination for backpackers and trekkers looking for an ...
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Mandalay Palace From Up Top

A backpacker’s itinerary for 8 days travelling in Myanmar

Fresh off recent democratic elections, Myanmar is slowly freeing itself from the shackles of military rule and opening up to ...
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